Custom Online Business Tools

Being able to work online allows an increased mobility and efficiency to get jobs done. Whether you need systems for your consumers or your own workforce, the team at Crescendo Collective can create customized online tools to help you maximize your efficiency and realize your potential.

We’ve created a wide range of unique online tools that fit our clients’ needs:

  • Task and reporting systems
  • Point of sale order systems
  • Mobile documentation delivery systems
  • Field reporting tools
  • Upgrades and additions to client intranets

We help businesses become more efficient and cost effective by building tools that solve problems internally. When you have the proper tools to manage your business, you’re able to spend more time investing in other high-priority items.

Why is it important?

  • We’ve been developing rich internet applications for as long as we’ve been developing content management systems for websites.
  • We can either create custom applications or install and modify existing ones to suit a client’s needs.

Did You Know?

We’ve created a custom business tool for a client that lets them write on a customized 100” touch screen device.

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