Globalization Solutions

For many leading brand developers, going global is a natural extension of maximizing the reach of their brand and creating a strong relationship with a brand’s audience. Making the world aware of your vision and message is a dream for many entrepreneurs and businesses. However, the reality of communicating with different languages and cultures can make globalizing seem like an unreachable goal.

Crescendo Collective already has experience in internationalization and localization. Many of our clients already have relationships in other countries, and we’ve helped bridge the cultural and technical divides that can make globalization a challenge. With the use of the Magnolia CMS, going global becomes that much easier—the exchange of content and ideas without rebuilding a website makes for faster connections and less headaches.

Why is it important?

  • Many brands require their content to be shared with more than one country.
  • Content localization is typically required. Understanding how to easily communicate with other cultures and languages is something we can help you with.

Did You Know?

About 75% of our clients need to create websites for more than just the United States. We’ve helped them understand what was required and implemented the solution.

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