Smartphone + Tablet Enabled Websites

Whenever you look around any place people are gathering, you’ll see (for better or worse) eyeballs fixated on glowing screens just inches from their faces. With all critiques on society aside, anyone interested in developing a successful online presence can’t deny the impact of mobile media.

It’s one thing to have your content show up on a smartphone or tablet. At Crescendo Collective, we are experts in optimizing content through different types of hardware. Whatever machine your audience uses to access your content, we’ll be able to make it look good and work intuitively with each device. We use modern technologies to create sites that look great and work on all technologies, providing you with a singular brand identity that works well with all popular media formats.

Why is it important?

  • The rise of smartphones and tablets means that optimizing content for those devices is important for reaching them.
  • Our mobile solutions are cost-effective and efficient.

Did You Know?

Smartphone and tablet usage accounts for 40-60% of our clients’ traffic.

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