Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Master

Job Description


Manage projects

Producers manage our project’s scope, timeline, and budget. They work closely with stakeholders and product owners to actualize a project’s plan. These stakeholders can either come from the client side or from the company side. Producers work to deliver a product that satisfies the scope, is on time, and is on-budget.

Truly successful producers also get the project done in a way that builds a stronger relationship between Crescendo and client.

Creates high quality solutions

Crescendo produces high end, high quality websites. Crescendo’s development team is capable of delivering the finest digital solutions. It is up to producers to help the team bring out the best possible quality - whether it is in visual design, usability, user experience, technical excellence, or a performance target to hit.

Certified for and experienced in running Agile projects

We require a certified scrum master. Crescendo works with many AGILE clients and has its own successful formula for handling these projects. CSM certified Crescendo Producers work with the clients’ Product Owners and with scrum teams that may often times be mixed with members from our clients other scrum teams. Crescendo CSM Producers will be experts and proactive in managing teams, conducting Agile ceremonies and delivering Agile artifacts.

Bridge our clients and our development efforts

One of the key parts of our success in creating an effective dialogue between the client and the team. Our producers play a huge part in ensuring smooth interaction between Crescendo and client. Producers foster understanding and alignment between clients and development in terms of requirements, scope.

Bring a can-do attitude

Producers in Crescendo are top tier communicators that are able to express themselves clearly in written and spoken form. Successful producers have moved beyond on-time and on-budget and couple those skills with the ability to deliver surprise and delight to the client. Producers provide a good client-facing experience and couple it with a great internal team experience. Producers sit in the driver’s seat on our projects and are ultimately responsible for delivering success.

You Bring

  • Laser-like focus on quality
  • Mastery of budgets and timelines
  • Ability to clearly communicate the complex
  • Hustle & Drive
  • Ability to stand in the middle of the storm and direct traffic
  • Ability and availability to manage activities across international time zones
  • CSM Certification

You Get

  • Competitive salary
  • Full benefits
  • SIMPLE IRA matching
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Travel to exotic locales
  • Kegerator & a kitchen full of healthy snacks
  • Autonomy and satisfaction working for the best digital agency in the Midwest
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May 10, 2018