Interactive Director

Interactive Director

Job Description

People come and go, but the impact of a good leader lives on in the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to cross paths with them.

At Crescendo Collective, we’re looking for someone to lead our group of talented designers and be the catalyst that inspires everyone to greater heights. As our Interactive Director, it will be your job to manage the fast-paced schedule of a successful, forward-thinking digital agency.

Our Interactive Director will have a good head on their shoulders and a great heart in their chest. Not only will you need to manage multiple projects with multiple identities, but you’ll also have an attitude that motivates others. You’ll add to our culture of strong creative work that demands high standards—you will be the light that guides others to top quality.

For our clients, you’ll help them understand the impact of our creative and keep them happy and engaged. You’ll partner with CMOs to effectively communicate the big picture between our company and our clients. You see the importance of reinvention and revision, always keeping an eye towards the next creative refresh, staying a step ahead of our clients’ expectations.

The opportunity is waiting for you…are you ready to leave your mark?

You Get

You Get:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • SIMPLE IRA matching
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Kitchen full of healthy snacks, coffee, tea, and beer
  • Autonomy to do what you do best
  • Warm fuzzies from working for the best digital agency
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Oct 28, 2019